About GS1 Ukraine

In accordance with the GS1 principles, in each country or group of countries GS1 System administers an authorized GS1 Member Organization (GS1 MO). In Ukraine such rights and obligations has the non-profit non-governmental Article Numbering Association of Ukraine GS1 Ukraine, founded in September 1994.


Our objective is to improve the efficiency and add the transparency to the business relations in all the industry and public sectors in Ukraine by sharing and implementation the global GS1 Standards. For that we strive to make the global GS1 Standards available, understandable and familiar to all the current and future users.


According to Decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 12 December 1994 р. №821, GS1 Ukraine is authorized to represent the interests of Ukrainian its associate members – manufacturers and distributors – in GS1 and other organizations in the area of international automatic identification and bar coding.

At the European level, GS1 Ukraine is a member of the regional GS1 MOs collaboration called GS1 in Europe.


Administration of GS1 BarCodes in Ukraine is our most visible activity. Every GS1 BarCode with the 482 Prefix is the result of our efforts.

GS1 Ukraine translates the GS1 standards and guidelines, to provide Ukrainian GS1 users with understandable easy-to-use GS1 documentation.

GS1 System applications would be impractical without the ways to assure their compliance. Therefore, the GS1 Ukraine is in charge for technical expertise and conformity assessment of GS1 BarCodes, Logistic Labels, eCom Business Messages and more.

Driving the GS1 System adoption in the supply chain is another important vector of our work. Through the educational activities, sectoral working groups, national regulatory and standardisation initiatives we contribute to the development of automatic identification and e-commerce in Ukrainian business.