About GS1 System

The GS1 System is an integrated system of global standards that provides for accurate identification and communication of information regarding products, assets, services and locations. It is the foundation of a wide range of efficiency-building supply chain applications and solutions and is composed of the following areas:

The GS1 System of Standards enables visibility to identify, capture, and share information about products, business locations, and more-make it possible for companies to speak the same language, connect with each other, and move their business forward.

The GS1 System of Standards allows companies all around the world to globally and uniquely identify their physical things like products and services, assets, logistic units, shipments, and physical locations and logical things like a corporation or a service relationship between provider and recipient. The beep of the GS1 barcode is heard more than 5 billion times a day around the world.

When this powerful identification system is combined with GS1 Barcodes, EPC tags, eCommerce business messages, and the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN), the connection is made between these physical or logical things and the information the supply chain needs about them. With the connection made, one world of global commerce comes into view.

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