E-Tovar – a service to provide the population with
the necessary goods

E-Tovar – a service to provide the population with the necessary goods
EDIN (Ukrainian provider of electronic data interchange) initiated within the framework of Ukraine and together with European countries the project E-Tovar to develop communications for business cooperation of retail businesses to provide the population with the necessary products.
The aim of the project is to establish fast electronic communication between suppliers and retail chains to fill store shelves with goods that Ukrainians lack during the war with russia.
The solution allows suppliers and manufacturers to upload their Product and Product Catalogs (including contacts) easily and quickly via the web office.
Retailers have the ability to view all catalogs in real time, with the ability to select the desired region, and send orders for delivery, or contact suppliers.
The E-Tovar service is free to use until June 30, 2022.
Its goal is to prevent the shortage of necessary goods for the population of Ukraine and optimize supplies.
As part of full automation of product delivery, EDIN has additionally prepared a solution for quick search of carriers – a chatbot in the Telegram “E-transport”. You can connect to it here.
The war on the territory of Ukraine had catastrophic consequences for providing the population with food for the whole country. Many Ukrainian companies have neither the products nor the ability to deliver their products to stores.
Your participation in the project is very important for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people! For detailed information, please contact help@edin.ua!